Rebecca Winn (Frank) MA, LPC, NCC, GEP
My name is Rebecca Winn (Frank) and I earned my Masters in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. I have found myself working in a couple different areas as a counselor- one being with adults and adolescents who struggle with operating within their relationships due to past trauma, and the other being a heart’s passion that I developed over the years for working with first responders and veterans. The amount that each of these individuals and families give as a devoted service to people was amazing to me. Understanding the implications of trauma and how complex trauma enters the lives of these individuals and starts to seep through in all areas of their lives. That was something I wanted to give back to these populations, the ability to feel alive in all areas. I have studied multiple facets of trauma and understands how a myriad of experiences and circumstances can shift the way we view ourselves, view people, and the world we live in and we begin to lose the core of ourselves through those repetitive traumatic experiences. This has always been my “why” in doing the work that I do-allowing people to rewrite their stories to create (and continue to create) endings they can stand on.