COVID- 19 Awareness

Renewing Hope Ranch is currently monitoring the situation and ensuring that we are still providing the best mental health services to our clients. We are working very hard to meet all of the needs of our current and potential clients in our practice. During this time we are postponing and rescheduling our 2 day intensives from both April and May. As we continue to monitor the situation we will add groups as needed or even postpone June dates if needed. Thank you so much to all of our first responders who are currently on the front lines helping battle this virus and get people  healthy again. Reach out and feel free to ask for whatever you need and we will do our best to meet you where you are at and what you need.


About Renewing Hope Ranch

Renewing Hope Ranch is a non-profit organization that desires to help individuals and families who have been faced with adversities. Through clinical mental health and the professionals and animals that assist, we can create hope and change in each life that comes to the ranch.


Equine Therapy

Horses speak to us is such a beautiful and unique way. Their elegance, strength, gentleness and power teach us the most valuable lessons in life. Horse's energy gives us a valuable connection that we often lose in the hustle and bustle of life. Their ability to know what we need, when we need it and to show up fully to help people process through the things they bring into therapy sessions.


Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animals provide a place where we can show up in a real way. There are so many components to animal assisted therapy and the different animals that can participate in therapy. They add emotional support and other skills that can be applied while working in therapy.


Want to help?

We appreciate and welcome any kind of contribution you would like to make to our program. There are multiple ways you can help. You can donate. Donate your time by volunteering, donate money to help with programs and animal care, or you can choose to sponsor an animal.


Welcome to Renewing Hope Ranch!

We are so thankful you have chosen to visit us! We believe you are here for a reason!

Our vision and mission is to:

Heal Hearts, Restore Lives, and Rebuild Futures Through the Healing Essence of God, Horses, and Nature.


Renewing Hope Ranch was developed as a result of my own personal experience and love of horses, animals, and nature. The power and ability that horses, animals, and nature have to heal in such a natural, honest, and deep way is beyond being able to put words to. Finding a way to be able to tap into this healing ability can be a life changing experience. At Renewing Hope Ranch we strive to create experiences within this healing work to allow you to feel and experience a meaningful change in the life and the lives around you. We believe in deep meaningful healing that can last a lifetime. We believe in your ability to change brain networks, behavior patterns, identity, to align with a life that you want to live. Connection, health, and freedom from past pain are the things we fully embrace and work toward.

The vision of Renewing Hope Ranch is to be able to reach first responders, veterans, and helping professionals. We want to provide a space and program to give back to those who gave and continue to give to us.  Our purpose is to reawaken the parts of each individual that have been sacrificed through the service given by tapping back into the values and emotions that exist within us that may have been dampened or repressed due to the experiences within your field.

We also work with people of all populations and ages, and help people that are searching for a deeper meaning in life to connect with self, others, and nature and draw closer to the life they want to live-filled with purpose and passion. We want to create a place where people who are struggling with pain and hurt of their pasts to rebuild a strong and stable future through the healing essence and power of horses, animals, and nature. The ability to live in the present moment and experience emotions, feelings, energy and circumstances as they come creates a pathway for effective change. Horses, animals, and nature allow us the opportunity for present moment experiences that create a deep and long lasting change within our hearts and souls.

Equine therapy can be effective for people with all ranges of horse experience. Whether you have been around horses all your life or you have never seen a horse in person there is a place for you to heal here. We offer a multitude of services and programs to help people of all backgrounds and ages. We strive to create connection, purpose, passion, and community through the work we do.

Please feel free to look around at all of the things that Renewing Hope Ranch has to offer. We are so thankful that you are visiting us and considering us to walk alongside you in your journey of healing or hoping to help others heal. Listed below is a range of things that we offer that you could be looking for:

Living Courage:

Partners in Freedom

First Responder and Veteran Program

Starting Spring of 2020

Counseling Programs

Starting 2020

Professional Programs

Starting Fall 2020

Renewing Hope Ranch’s Mission Statement:

The mission, duty, and purpose of Renewing Hope Ranch, as a charitable Christian organization, is three-part.

1.  Address mental health matters within our community by advocating for people of all ages and backgrounds. Holding programs and services to reach people who need help.

2. Educate clinicians and other helping professionals in order to improve and enhance standards of mental health care. Holding programs and services for all professionals who may struggle with mental health and need advocacy.

3. Rescue and rehabilitate animals that are left behind. We strive to give animals a loving forever home, so then that way each animal can live their life with purpose and meaning to help others who have struggled.

We found our land!! We are now officially located in Morrison, CO.

We are about 30 minutes from downtown Denver and 10 minutes from the intersection of Highway 285 and C-470.

We are a donation based entity- you can choose to sponsor an animal, donate to programs, or donate to a general fund for care of the land and extra office expenses.

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