Rebecca Winn MA, LPC, NCC, GEP

If You Were a Horse, What Kind of Horse Would You Be and Why?

If I were a horse, Iv would be a Morgan Horse. Not many are familiar with Morgan horses and as I have learned about them I have seen that they reflected me in being gentle in nature and yet displaying strength and groundedness. They are versatile in various disciplines and athleticism and are always eager and willing to help their people, making them easy to get along with. Morgan horses many times are willing to roll with whatever is needed and willing to pick up a learn something new for their people.

A Little About Yourself As A Counselor

I earned my Masters in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. My heart’s passion over the years has been working with a variety of populations. I have grown to love working with helping professions, first repsonders, and veterans. I have seen the amount of time each individual and their families have given and devoted to serving other people and I want to give to them. I have seen the implications of trauma in many forms and how it can create disconnection and discord within the world that we live in. I want to help those that help and serve people find a little more choice in connection and harmony.

I have studied a bit about trauma and understand how a myriad of experiences and circumstances can shift the way we view ourselves, view people, and the world we live in. We begin to lose the core of ourselves and our values through vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and constant giving of ourselves to others. This has always been a big part of my “why” in doing this work. I love watching people rewrite their stories to create (and continue to create) endings they can stand on.

Why Horses and Healing For You?

Horses have always been a passion and a dream for me. Mostly a dream, I dreamed my whole life about owning my own horse. Now I have a whole herd (dreams can come true!). I have always marveled at their power and beauty. I remember visiting neighbors’ and friends’ horses and feeling like there was no where else in the world I would rather be. I remember I felt safety, I felt ok, I felt understood, I felt stillness, I felt home. Something that felt lost for me. I just remember the feelings and how nothing else had ever really connected to me like the horses I got to encounter along my life’s journey. Once I chose my career path (which I always knew I wanted to be with animals just didn’t know how) I found the avenue to bring horses in and begin to live my dream and share the power of the presence of horses so that other can have an experience all their own.

Kim Wolniak MA Candidate, Counseling Intern

If You Were A Horse, What Kind of Horse Would You Be And Why?

If I were a horse, I would be a Haflinger. This beautiful small workhorse breed brings calm to the herd to which they belong. They are strong, dependable, and hard working. Haflingers are versatile, used for trail riding, competition, and horse and carriage driving. They are also calm, intelligent, and gentle. These are traits that I have or strive to have. 

A Little About Yourself As a Counselor

I worked with children and families for 16 years as a preschool teacher. My gift to my school community was helping children and families identify struggles and negotiate through those difficulties. Everyone goes through adversity. Building resilience is the key to growing through the hard times. As a counselor, I will use my strengths and past experiences to help others build a better life. 

Why Horses and Healing for You?

Living with horses all my life, I know the support they provide when life gets tough. I discovered their universal therapeutic power in my Equine Assisted Therapy training. People heal in relationship, whether that is with other people, animals, or nature. Integrating this into counseling provides people with the restorative power they need to improve their life. 

Amanda Coleman MA Candidate, Counseling Intern

If You Were a Horse, What Kind of Horse Would You Be and Why?

If I were a horse, I would be a Friesian. Friesians are known for being friendly, intelligent, reliable, and patient. These horses while so strong and majestic are very patient and gentle which are traits that I strive to exhibit and believe help me in be a good counselor.

A Little About Yourself As A Counselor

I am working towards earing my Masters in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. Went I was young I never knew what I wanted to do all I knew was I wanted to help others and though counseling I have found that passion. I want to help others learn how to find a balance in life that allows them to feel fulfilled in all areas of their life. I have always believe that our experiences shape us and we have to be able to look inward to understand the affect life experience have on us.

Why Horses and Healing For You?

Horses have always been an animal I found so majestic. One of my earliest memories is my being on horseback while my grandpa walked me around on his horse. Horses while large and powerful also bring a sense of relief and safety. For me horses allow for a connection that is genuine and authentic and can help to teach us lessons that we can take to other relationships and transition to our everyday life.

Jetika Kloth-Zanard MA Candidate, Counseling Intern

If You Were A Horse, What Would You Be and Why?

If I were a horse, I’d be an Appaloosa. These horses are thought to date back to prehistoric caves and I’ve always considered myself an ‘old soul’. Appaloosa’s are typically trustworthy and excel well with people. They are often calm, and usually gentle and respectful in their relationships, though if they feel they have been mistreated they can become fierce. These qualities match well with my personality. They are a versatile horse and can be found doing many different types of tasks. I, myself, enjoy a multitude of different hobbies!

A Little About Yourself As A Counselor

I am currently completing my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Regis University. I am passionate about helping people find balance and healing so that they may live life to their fullest potential of happiness. I believe that our experiences shape so much of our life’s journeys, views of the world, and coping habits, but that at any moment, we have the power to change our own narrative.

Why Horses and Healing For You?

Horses have always been a favorite creature of mine. I grew up spending a lot of time at a family friend’s horse farm because I could never get enough of the horses. Being around horses has always brought me a sense of calmness. Their majestic presence captivates me and takes me away from the chaos of the world. For those moments, I feel as though life has paused and I can simply relax and breathe.

Sarah Bilinovich, MA Candidate, Counseling Intern

If You Were a Horse, What Would You Be And Why?

If I were a horse, I would be a mustang. Horses in the wild are their most instinctual and connected to nature. They are able to live with their herd, foraging for food, and focusing on the basics for survival. I feel the most grounded and peaceful when I am connected to nature and animals. I believe horses, like humans, are happiest when they can do the things that they love.

A Little About Yourself as A Counselor

I am currently pursuing my Masters in Social Work with a certificate in human-animal-environment interactions at the University of Denver. I am passionate about helping others achieve their best self through counseling and a positive therapeutic relationship. We all have the power to heal and grow within ourselves. I want to help others find the tools that work best for them so that they can be their happiest.

Why Horses and Healing For You?

Horses are incredible animals that have always amazed me with their beauty and presence. They are sensitive animals that meet us without judgment or limitations. Horses can provide us the teachings on living in the moment, boundaries, and connectedness. The healing power of the horse can be translated to every aspect of life and the relationship with ourselves and others.

Ross & Shiloh

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