Renewing Hope Ranch

We are a non-profit organization that strives to help people who are in need of mental health services. We focus our work in helping first responders (and their families), veterans (and their families), helping professionals (and their families), and foster/adoptive families and kids.

We created groups to help first responders and veterans called Living Courage: Partners in Freedom group. We created the group with the purpose to reawaken the parts of yourself that have been sacrificed through the service given by tapping back into the values and emotions that exist within that may have been dampened or repressed due to the experiences within the life of their chosen journey.

We work to understand each person as an individual. Each person holds their own unique set of beliefs and scripts they have carried through their lives. Have you ever found yourself going back to the same thought, or finding the same thing over and over again in you life? More than likely, it is because there is a belief or script that has shaped your world in a detailed way. The patterns you watched and now repeat have become a part of your brain wiring that creates habits in an emotional and relational way. We believe no two people are wired the same, and that each individual based on what they experienced and their perception of that experience delicately weaves their personality and patterns.  At Renewing Hope Ranch we spend lots of attention an detail into fully understanding the your past and present so that we can set your up for success in the present and future.

Here at Renewing Hope Ranch each one of our clinicians believe we change in the context of experience and relationship. Through horses, animals, and nature we strive to develop a experience that can leave each person with a deeper understanding of who they are within their experience and how to stand strong in the things that they face. We strive to integrate connection and community into all of the work we do. One thing science shows us is that our brain is wired for connection and community. Horses, animals, and nature allow for a deeper and safer sense of connection to self, other, and nature. We also to want to create groups for people to fin a deeper sense of community and connection with others who are going through similar struggles.

Client Services & Programs

Renewing Hope Ranch’s primary mission is to provide high quality mental health services to the public. Click here to learn more about our services and programs.

Volunteer Programs

Renewing Hope Ranch thrives with its volunteers. Volunteers help keep the ranch running so we can provide quality care to our clients, animals, and other operations at the ranch.

Meet the Counselors

Each therapist at Renewing Hope Ranch specializes in work with people and animals to help them heal from the adversities that life has handed them. Click here to learn about each individual therapist.

Professional Programs

Renewing Hope Ranch also provides programs and workshops for professionals who are in the helping profession. Click here to learn more about our professional programs.

Our Trainings and Workshops

Helping other professionals understand the complexities of trauma and working with people who have faced difficult seasons.

Meet the Animals!

All of our animals come from a various backgrounds. Each of our animals find their forever home with us and they help people find their healing path.