Living In Courage Program – Nurses & Medical Professionals

Horses can help all people feel in and become more aware and connected to self. Nurses are constantly giving to others and building others up in some of their most difficult times. There are so many supporting factors, heart connections to patients, stories you cannot unhear. Having a heart that feels deeply can become heavy with burden and hurt from the stories and things that are encountered daily.

Our hope at Renewing Hope Ranch through the Living in Courage group is to serve those who continually give of themselves to help others heal and grow. To help nurses and medical professionals reconnect with themselves so that they can continue to pour into others from a cup that they have nourished and filled.

Horses can teach us so many of lives key components to feel truly alive in connection and in relationship, we just have to learn to listen. Come join us for an experience that will expand on courage, vitality, and hope.

The full day intensives begin at 9a and the day wraps up around 5p and half day intensives start at 12:30 and the day wraps up around 5p. Hope to see you all there!

2024 Program Dates:

August 17 – Half Day

August 30 – Full Day

October 26 – Half Day

Reach out below to ask any questions you have or to register!

Living In Courage Program

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Aug 17 2024


12:30 pm - 5:00 pm